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11 Unique Ideas To Make Your Wedding Special

When you start planning your wedding, it can be easy to fall back on traditions. Maybe a traditional wedding is what you’ve always dreamed of, but there are loads of ways to make it unique. You don’t have to have a punk theme or get married in Greece to make your wedding memorable. Often, it’s the small things that your guests will remember. In this post, we’re looking at a few of our favourite unique ways to make your wedding special.


Drinks Coasters

One of the best ways to make your wedding day memorable is to make it personal for your guests. After all, these are the family and friends you’ve chosen to share your special day. Table place cards are personalised – so your guests know where to sit – but you don’t have to stop there. Personal drinks coasters are both practical and fun. You can write a little message or joke on the coaster next to your guest’s name. And, they can take it home as a keepsake.


Fun Sports Activities

Okay, stay with us on this one. We’re not suggesting that you play full-contact rugby on your wedding day. But competitive activities are a great way of breaking the ice between your guests, which will make the evening much more fun. We’ve seen everything from giant darts boards to a big game of rounders. We’d suggest choosing something that isn’t too high-intensity, so your guests aren’t worried about getting sweaty or ruining their nice clothes. Or, you could even suggest that people bring a spare change of sporty clothes.


RSVP Cards

RSVP cards are one of the first, and most important parts, of your wedding plan. Traditionally, they are written in formal font and printed on the high-quality card. But you don’t have to follow traditions. Instead, why not personalise your RSVP cards. It can be a lot of work if you have a large guest list, but a well-thought-out RSVP card can get your guests excited about the big day. You could include a picture of you with your guests or write a personalised message. We’ve even met couples that have hand-drawn every RSVP card with beautiful and personalised designs.

Wedding Piñata

Fun weddings are always more memorable. And what’s more fun than hitting a piñata full of sweets? This is guaranteed to get the younger guests excited, and probably some of the adults as well. Piñatas don’t always have to be in the shape of animals either. There are hundreds of wedding-specific piñatas to be found online, with everything from wedding cakes to giant love hearts.


Dress the Chairs Yourself

It’s sometimes difficult to find the right chair covers for your wedding, so why not design them yourself. Not only will this save you a sizeable chunk of change, but it’s also a great way to create the perfect vibe in the room. One of our favourite ideas is to get multi-coloured ribbons of fabric (pastel colours work great) and tie them to the top of the chair.


Wedding Crèche

Kids are a huge part of any wedding. Whether you have kids yourself or your guests do, it’s important to keep them interested throughout the day. The last thing you want is a group of bored kids! That’s why we love the idea of having a wedding crèche. If you have the budget to spare, you can hire a company to create your wedding crèche and they often come with a trained professional to keep your kids entertained. However, if you’re on a budget, just set up a colourful and comfortable area in the corner of the room and fill it full of activities for young children. Then, the guests can take turns looking after them.


Hire an Artist

Everyone thinks about hiring a band or a DJ, but that’s not the only type of artist you can have at your wedding. Professional caricature artists, cartoonists or even oil-painters are a great way of making your wedding day special. Not only will you have some fantastic wedding photos, but you’ll also have an artistic interpretation of the day.


Release Balloons

If you’re looking for the perfect group wedding photo, you can’t beat releasing hundreds of helium balloons. This can get a little expensive, but it’s more than worth it. You can choose any colour and shape of the balloon you want, but our favourite is deep-red heart balloons. This creates an amazing colour contrast between the dark suits and white wedding dress. You can even write personalised messages inside the balloons and see if someone finds them when they land.


Have a Pre-Wedding Get Together

Let’s not beat around the bush, weddings can sometimes be a little awkward. A lot of your guests will have never met, and meeting people for the first time can be difficult. That’s why we’d propose having a pre-wedding get-together. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Organise to meet at a local pub in the days or weeks running up to the big day and give everyone a chance to get to know each other. If you want everyone to get along, you could even have some ice-breaking activities like karaoke.


Make A Big Deal of Your Wedding Cake

If you’re like most couples, you’ve probably spent a lot of money on your wedding cake. So, why rush the cutting of the cake? We’ve seen couples give their wedding cake a huge entrance. You can dim the lights, use indoor fireworks and candles, and even play your favourite song. This makes your cake that little bit more special.


Personalise Your Theme

Thinking of a wedding theme can sometimes feel like a huge chore. But don’t worry because you can look to your relationship for inspiration. For example, if you met each other skiing in Austria, you could choose an Austrian or ski theme. Or, if your first holiday was in Spain, why not serve tapas for your buffet. A personalised theme like this can add that extra bit of magic to your wedding.

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