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How To Do Quirky Themes Right

Picking the right theme is one of the biggest decisions when planning your wedding. Are you going to go traditional, bohemian, festival-style, or something unique? In this post, we’re looking at quirky themes and how to get them right. Over the last decade or so, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of quirky wedding themes, from Harry Potter to dinosaur-themed. Whatever theme you choose, you’ve got to think carefully about how to implement it into the wedding plan, without making the whole thing tacky (unless that’s what you want)!


Pick something personal to both of you

This should be obvious, but pick something personal to both of you. If one of you is a huge Star Wars nut and the other is indifferent, it’s probably not a great choice. You need to pick something important to both of you. And don’t worry, if you can’t think of anything, that doesn’t make you a bad fit for each other! Some couples have completely different interests and that’s what makes it work. If nothing springs to mind, you can find tons of inspiration on Pinterest.


Pick a theme that lends itself

If you want an easy life, you should pick a theme that lends itself to weddings. For example, an Alice In Wonderland theme can look classy and it’s easy to find decorations for – think how much you can do with a couple of packs of playing cards. However, if you decide to go for a Shrek-themed wedding, you’re going to get green paint everywhere, someone’s going to have to dress up as Donkey and it’s going to be a mess. It might seem like a fun idea but it could sap all of the romance out of the day.


Talk to the venue

Communication with your chosen venue will help your theme come to life. Most wedding venues will have some decorations that wedding clients can use, but they need to know if you’re planning a complete overhaul. There might only be a tight window to get all of the decorations up and the theme in place, so informing the venue is important. You never know, they might have even had a similar themed wedding before and could give you some tips or inspiration.


The small details count

Tiny details are what brings a quirky theme to life. The big things – like dresses, suits, cake etc. – are what the guests will see first, but the small details will be remembered. For example, we’ve seen a Superman-themed wedding where the groomsmen had action figure lapel pins. Once you’ve picked your theme, you can get creative about the small, inexpensive details that make your theme work.


Try and retain some romance

This one’s a word of warning for those of you planning a quirky theme. A zombie theme might be memorable, but it’s not the most romantic idea. If you’ve picked something that’s a bit out there, then try and make sure it doesn’t take away from the romance of the day. Your wedding day is about you and your partner celebrating your love for each other and you can’t have a romantic kiss with layers of prosthetic makeup on. One easy way to do this is to have separate themes for your ceremony and reception. Keep it romantic at the ceremony and then get quirky for the reception.


Make it easy for your guests

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re planning your wedding. After all, it’s one of the most important days of your life. But remember, for a lot of your guests, it’s just a nice evening out. They might not be prepared to spend hundreds on a costume or even dress up at all. A couple of guests that aren’t dedicated to the theme could ruin it for you. The fix for this is easy – make the theme easy for guests. If you want everyone to be dressed theme-appropriate, you need to pay for it or tell them how to do it easily and without breaking the bank. For example, if you choose a music festival theme you can just tell everyone to dress down a little bit – a dress and wellies always work.


Book the right entertainment

Booking wedding entertainment can be a challenge. A lot of couples book early and don’t think about how it’s going to fit into the day. If you’re serious about your theme, you should book something that fits perfectly. Don’t book a soul band if you have a punk theme – yep, we’ve seen it happen. The entertainment can be one of the most memorable parts of the reception, but it’s easy to get wrong. Magicians work with Alice and Wonderland themes. Acoustic bands are perfect for festival weddings. For a Harry Potter theme, you should try and find a celesta player (because that’s what the theme song is played on). You get the picture.


Think about the weather

If you’re planning a wedding in the UK, you need to have a bad-weather back-up plan. All those months spent planning a festival-themed wedding, only for the heavens to open and ruin it for you. If your theme relies on your being outdoors, make sure you’ve got adequate cover.


Set the tone with the invitation

The invitation is the first part of your wedding that guests get to see. You can use it to set up the tone of the whole wedding by making it fit with your theme. We’ve seen some amazing invitations that look like music festival posters, the Harry Potter book covers, and more. You can also use it to tell guests about the theme and how they need to prepare.


Don’t let it take over

Once you’ve picked a theme, don’t think that it has to fit into every part of your day. You could get easily overwhelmed thinking everything has to be beach-themed or Disney Princess-related. It can become an obsession if you don’t keep it in check. Remember, the day is about you and your partner, not your theme.

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