How To Get The Perfect Romantic Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is going to be full of amazing memories. But, over time, those memories will fade, and you’ll rely on the photographs to remind you. So, they’d better be perfect. You don’t want to look back on your wedding photographs with regret. Like every other part of your wedding, you should plan your photographs with military precision. Then, on the day, you can relax in the knowledge that they’re going to be the perfect mementoes that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Here are some of our expert tips for getting the perfect romantic wedding photographs.


Get the Right Wedding Photographer

This is the single most important part of making sure your wedding photos work. Don’t fall into the trap of asking your friend, who did a photography course once and has a cool Instagram page, to take your photos. Sure, some of them might come out right, but you won’t get the same consistent results as you would with a professional.

They say that everyone’s a photographer these days, but wedding photography is a fine and practised art. Great wedding photography isn’t just about taking photos, it’s about capturing a moment, making people feel comfortable, and helping you realise your vision.

Do your research, ask friends for recommendations, find examples of wedding photos you love, and read online reviews. It might seem like a lot of work, but you’ll be so glad when you look back at them in years to come.


Meet Your Photographer

Now that you’ve picked your photographer, you should arrange to meet them. This isn’t just a meeting to nail down the admin for the day, it also lets you get a feel for their personality. Getting great wedding photographs is often about a good relationship between the couple and the photographer. If you feel comfortable, it will come across in your photos. Some wedding photographer agencies will send out multiple photographers, so you should stipulate that you want to meet the actual photographer for your wedding.


Book Them Early

All the good wedding photographers will be booked up well in advance. They might get ten or fifteen enquiries for the same date, so you need to get in their early. That’s why choosing your photographer should be one of the first things on your to-do list. If the photographer you want isn’t available, ask them who they would recommend.


Find Inspiration

A lot of people have their own idea of a perfect wedding. But that vision isn’t going to be realised unless you can show people what you want. This goes for everything from the entertainment to the catering, and it’s especially true of the photography. If you can give your photographer examples of the kind of photos you want, it’s much easier for them to deliver perfect results. The best places to look are Pinterest, Instagram, and on the websites of wedding photographers.


Work on Your Body Language

The best photos look natural. So, it might seem like a contradiction to work on your body language. But you can actually work on a few small things that will make your wedding photos seem natural, even if they aren’t.

Good posture is the place to start. Stand up straight, without arching your back, and hold your head high. This will make you look confident and it’ll come across in the photos. If you don’t know what to do with your hands, hold something (bouquet, your partner’s hand etc.)


Learn to Smile

If you’re one of those people who can’t fake a smile, wedding photos can seem pretty daunting. But don’t worry, there are a few tried and tested methods to help you out. Remember the Friends episode where Chandler has to learn to smile, by turning around at the last minute? Try it. It could work for you.

If not, try doing a fake laugh before you have to smile. It doesn’t matter how fake your laugh is, it will end up in a genuine smile.


Have A Makeup Artist Ready

You don’t need a professional makeup artist. Just ask one of your bridesmaids to have a touch-up kit ready throughout the day. So, if it gets emotional and you shed a few tears, you can fix your makeup and still get perfect photos.


Make Your Photos Stress Free

There’s nothing worse than having to rush your photos. So, give yourself plenty of time to get it right. You don’t want to be fitting it into a twenty-minute time-slot. Remember, this is the part of your wedding day that’s going to live long in your memory, so make sure you give it the time it deserves. We’d recommend leaving at least an hour. The best time of the days is before the vows, so you are still looking absolutely perfect.


Anticipate Problems

What could possibly go wrong? Bringing two separate families together and filling them full of alcohol before trying to take pictures of them all. To anticipate problems, think about the different characters in your wedding party. Is one of the groomsmen particularly likely to get drunk early? If so, get their pictures out of the way first. Think before you shoot!


Use Natural Light Indoors

Now, to get a bit more technical. Natural light is a photographer’s best friend. Think about how you can plan this into your day. Find the perfect windows that get the most sunlight, schedule your photos around midday when the natural light is at it’s best. This is something that you can discuss with your photographer. You can also mix natural light with brightly coloured artificial lights to create awe-inspiring effects.


Stand with The Sun Behind You

If you’re lucky enough to have a sunny wedding day, you have to use it to your advantage. Pick a shaded spot so you don’t get hot and uncomfortable and make sure the sun is behind you. It will create a beautiful, luminous effect that will make you look otherworldly.

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