How to Pick The Perfect Entertainment For Your Wedding

Booking the entertainment for your wedding can be scary.

Like every part of planning the big day, there’s a huge amount of pressure on getting it right. You want something that’s going to make the evening special and you don’t want it to cost the earth.

Picking the right wedding entertainment can be the difference between a boring wedding and the best one you’ve ever attended. After the initial excitement of the ceremony, there’s a long day of drinking, eating, and taking photos. So, when the band starts playing it can be a huge relief. Then you know it’s time to party!

We’ve thought long and hard about picking the perfect wedding entertainment. Here are some tips to make sure you get it right.


Think About Your Theme

All great weddings have a theme. Something that ties everything together, from the flower arrangements to the live entertainment. For example, if you are having a festival themed wedding, you don’t want a vintage jazz band playing during the reception. The traditional way to do it is to pick your theme first and then choose a band that fits, but you could do it the other way around.

Always keep in mind the purpose of live entertainment when you are planning the day. An energetic live band should always go on at the end of the night, whereas an acoustic act could play during the drinks reception.


Book Through an Agency

It is possible to book wedding entertainment directly, but we recommend booking through a live entertainment agency. This protects you and the act against cancellations and other potential problems. It also means that you are booking a high-quality act that has been vetted by the agency.

There are loads of live entertainment agencies, where you can browse different acts and check out their videos and images.


Read the Reviews

All reputable live entertainment agencies will have reviews for their acts. This is an excellent way to see how good the act is. You might notice that a lot of acts have all 5* reviews. That’s because agencies generally won’t put up bad reviews which would stop their acts getting booked. So, if you really want to know how good an act is, you have to read into the reviews. Look out for outstanding reviews – you will be able to tell by the language used. For example: “The band was absolutely brilliant. Everyone loved them and couldn’t stop raving about it!”


Go and See Them Live

If you’re still not 100% sure about an act, go and see them do what they do best. Most bands and musicians will play local, public gigs as well. This is the best way to find out if you like them. They might have some impressive promotional material, but a live show is what you’re booking.


Check Out the Venue Beforehand

You’ve probably already seen the venue, but it could be worth taking a second visit when you’re thinking about the entertainment. You need to make sure the act has enough space to do their thing. You can’t fit a 10-piece soul band into a corner. Equally, you don’t want a solo acoustic act on a massive stage. Make sure the space is right for the act.

Ask the agency or entertainer about their requirements. They should be able to provide you with a detailed answer, so you know exactly how you’re going to fit them in.


Book Something Out of The Ordinary

Don’t be afraid to book something that you haven’t seen before. For example, having a magician during dinner can be an excellent ice-breaker. This will make your guests feel more comfortable and make the atmosphere better at the wedding. Remember, it can be daunting sat around a table with lots of people you don’t know. Plus, booking something out of the ordinary is another reason your wedding day will be one to remember.


Treat Them Like Rockstars

Once you’ve found your wedding entertainment, you need to give them the perfect environment to perform. If you look after your act, they are going to perform better. Don’t forget how much effort they are putting into your day. They might have woken up early, driven for hours, and set-up heavy gear. That’s before you consider all the hours they have spent crafting their performance. Greet them with a warm welcome, find them a comfortable area to relax and prepare, and offer some food and drinks. This will put them in the perfect mindset to put on their best performance.


Trust the Entertainer

The act you have booked has done this hundreds of times before. Professional wedding bands know how to build an audience up and how to get everyone on their feet. So, you should trust them to do their job. Asking them to play a couple of your favourite songs isn’t a problem but asking them to completely change their setlist could result in a lacklustre performance.


Get in There Early  

Great wedding entertainment is always in high demand, especially in peak season. You need to book early if you want to avoid disappointment. Bands will often be booked up a year in advance, so you need to get organised and start approaching agencies as soon as possible!


Get Up and Dance

Once you have booked your act and paid them to do their job, make sure you hold up your end of the bargain. For any act to put on a great show, they need the audience on their side. As it’s your wedding day, everyone is taking their cue from you. If you run up to the band and start dancing like no one’s watching, you can be sure that people are going to follow you. They have to!


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