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Why Minimalism Is The New Luxury

If you want your wedding to be luxurious, minimalism is the modern way to go. Instead of opulence and fine-detail, minimalist weddings offer a clean and stylish vibe. And, you can often save money by opting for minimalism.


What Is Minimalism?

Minimalism is often misinterpreted. You might associate the word with bare, white walls or plates of food with one ingredient and an artful splash of dressing. But, minimalism is actually about making use of decorations. Table settings are a great example – every piece of the table settings (plate, knife, fork, name card, placemat) are all design elements that can be used to create a larger design statement.

To create a minimalist feel at your wedding, you have to consider the small details and make sure they into the overarching theme.

Here are some ideas to incorporate minimalism into your wedding –


The Dress

It’s true that royal weddings create trends. Queen Victoria’s white dress in 1840 is cited as the reason (almost) all brides wear white today. After Princess Diana’s fairytale wedding in 1981, the industry changed completely – it seemed that every bride wanted a regal and ornate wedding fit for a royal. Having your wedding reception in the pub was becoming less common. Fast-forward to Meghan Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry and the power of the royal wedding trend is stronger than ever.

We’ve seen a huge increase in brides wearing minimalist wedding dresses.

Meghan’s column gown, designed by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy, is a great example of how wedding style has changed over the years. The dress is the cleanest and simplest wedding dress ever seen at a royal wedding.

Of course, you don’t need a Givenchy dress to fit into a minimalist theme. You can even buy minimalist dresses from high-street chains like H&M.


The Decorations

The decorations are where a minimalist theme really comes to life. If you’re a minimalist at heart, the number of decorative choices can be pretty startling. There are aisle markers, aisle runners, arch, ceremony signs, chair decorations, lighting… the list goes on.

But, you don’t have to go with tradition on this one. There’s a lot of pressure in wedding planning to tick every little box. But really, it’s just a celebration of two people’s love. The rest, you can make up yourself.

However, you decide to decorate the wedding, carefully selected decorations are the key to a successful minimalist theme.

You should choose a few colours to create your palette. White is usually the starting point. This is helpful because it goes with your dress and it’s cheap to make white decorations – you can do a lot with white paper and card. Then, it’s often easy to use a brown in your palette because wooden furniture and decorations are easy to source. Greens work well too – flower arrangements can be based around cheaper (but still beautiful) plants instead of expensive flowers.

One of the golden rules of minimalist decorations is creating a centrepiece. If you draw the attention to one part of the room (for example, an arch at the ceremony or candles on the top-table) the rest of the decorations can be less striking.


The Food

The food is one of the big decisions of the day. Are you going to go with a full-blown 3-course meal? Or, settle for something a bit more low-key, like a food truck, chef station, or buffet?

The advantage of the less traditional options is choice and ease. Your guests can choose from a couple of options and you don’t have to send out menus and find out what people want. Also, it’s often cheaper to hire a food-truck or chef station than a catering company would charge. You don’t need to pay the waiting staff and all of the equipment is on-board.

For the minimalist couple, simplicity is everything. Delicious food doesn’t have to be extravagant.


The Cake

You can spend anything from £100 to £10,000 on a wedding cake. In fact, you can even spend more than that. The more money you are willing to spend, the finer the detail in the decoration, the richer the ingredients, and the larger the cake. But ultimately, it’s just going to get eaten and then forgotten. Sorry to burst the bubble.

Instead of dishing out hundreds on an opulent cake, why not make your own minimalist wedding cake? Even a relatively inexperienced baker could make a 3-tier victoria sponge cake. Or, ask someone you know who is better at baking.


Do It Yourself

Anyone with Pinterest will know that you can make your own wedding decorations. There are thousands of inspiring images that could keep you busy making props for months and months.

The key here is to limit yourself. It’s a nice touch to make some wedding decorations yourself, but be aware of how long it can take. If you’re potting 100 plants, you could find yourself busy for a whole day.

Planning and preparation are so important if you want to bring the DIY spirit to your minimalist wedding. Decide what you’re going to make early and give yourself time to do it right.


The Entertainment

Often times, when a couple comes to book entertainment for a wedding, it’s the first time they’ve ever booked entertainment. That means they don’t know about the cost, what is offered, or what they can expect on the night.

For a minimalist wedding, you should go with an all-in-one entertainment package. If you want a live band, make sure that they can play music in between and after their sets. Same goes if you want a solo acoustic guitar.

Don’t get carried away and book 3 different live acts, magicians to walk around the tables and more. This can just distract from the day itself.


The Venue

Lastly, you should pick a venue that can help you with your minimalist style. At Victoria House, we offer a blank canvas so that you can make your wedding exactly as you want it. Talk to our dedicated wedding planner about how to make your wedding minimalist luxury perfection.

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